About Me

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Here's a short biography: I studied Psychology for 3 years in Erlangen. Then I did an internship with Jason Mattingley at Melbourne University for one semester where I first got introduced to Cognitive Neuroscience. I continued my studies with the Master's program Neuro-cognitive Psychology in Munich after which I did my PhD in Berlin with John-Dylan Haynes and a Postdoc with Jan Gläscher in Hamburg. Today I work with Chris Baker in the Laboratory of Brain and Cognition at NIMH.full CV

I am happy that I have had the chance to collaborate with many interesting people, including (but not limited to) Carsten Allefeld, Radoslaw Cichy, Tobias Donner, Kai Görgen, Matthias Guggenmos, Timo Stein, Philipp Sterzer and Raul Vicente.

I also like teaching Cognitive Neuroscience and methods. In the past, I led two classes at summer schools for gifted high-school students, together with my friends Sven Collette and Kai Görgen. In addition, Kai and I gave courses on multivariate pattern analysis in Hamburg, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Berlin, Sydney, and Brisbane with practical examples using The Decoding Toolbox.

I am very interested in films and music. For many years I have been an active singer in various choirs, including the Windsbach Boys Choir, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Chorus and the Munich Bach Choir. Currently, I'm an active member of the Thomas Circle Singers. During my time in Hamburg, I was an active member of the rowing club Favorite Hammonia.